Download WhatsApp Black 2024, the latest update, WhatsApp Black Download WhatsApp Gold Black V11.30

App name Black WhatsApp
Release 11.30
Release date 2024-03-14
Developer Abu Arab
Requirements Android 4+
Category Chat applications
Size 81
Rating (17) 4.9
Free Download (81)

What is Black WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Golden Black is a modified version of the WhatsApp Plus application , which is known for its ability to provide advanced features. This version contains all the features available in WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab, such as the ability to hide the virtual status and lock conversations in WhatsApp.

You can also run WhatsApp Black Gold alongside the official version of WhatsApp and use two different numbers at the same time. Some additional modifications have been added to WhatsApp Black Gold to meet the needs of a specific category of users. We will learn about these modifications together.

Black WhatsApp update

The update to the black version of the Black WhatsApp application is the most advanced version and contains many great features. Although there are many different versions of the WhatsApp application available, the black version features additional features that help users take full advantage of the application better and with high quality. This application features a high level of privacy and security, which helps protect the phone and user data from exposure to the user's privacy. The application is designed in the official black color and the black icon is used to give the application an elegant and beautiful look.

The most important features of WhatsApp Black Gold (2024 WhatsApp Black Gold)

Here are the features you will find when you update WhatsApp Black:

  • A new and modern design for the WhatsApp Black Plus application.
  • Ability to clean unnecessary files.
  • Lock and hide WhatsApp Black Gold conversations (2024 WhatsApp Black).
  • The ability to change fonts within the application.
  • The ability to create custom themes that suit your taste.
  • Hide last appearance in WhatsApp Gold.
  • The ability to send photos in an unlimited number.
  • Upload and send videos without any restrictions.
  • Download WhatsApp statuses easily.
  • Notify friends when they are online.
  • Change the application icon and put any image you like.
  • The ability to disconnect from the Internet on the developed WhatsApp Gold.
  • Open more than one WhatsApp number at the same time.
  • Read WhatsApp Web code.

Download WhatsApp Black Gold (2024).

WhatsApp Black Gold has many advantages in protecting devices from viruses, and we will explain the most important of these features in this version of WhatsApp.

Remove Useless Files: Using this feature you can view all the photos and videos that you don't need on Black WhatsApp. Many WhatsApp users receive unwanted photos and messages, and here you can delete them easily.

Lock WhatsApp Black Gold conversations: Compared to the regular WhatsApp application, in this version you can lock each conversation separately. You can set a password or use your fingerprint to lock conversations.

Sending unlimited photos and videos: With this version, you can send an unlimited number of photos and video clips, unlike the official application, which limits their number and reduces the video size.

As for security, WhatsApp Black Gold is completely safe and you can use it with confidence without any problems related to viruses or hacking. Its safety has been confirmed by the app developers. Although security-related messages may appear while installing WhatsApp Black Gold from outside the Google Play Store, these messages appear due to installing the application from unknown sources, and therefore there is no need to worry, the version is completely safe and does not cause any harm to your conversations or your device.

What are the new additions in WhatsApp Black Gold V11.30?

  • Please update the WhatsApp Black Gold app to the latest available version.
  • The new updates include several features and improvements, including:
  • Detailing groups/private conversations: An exclusive feature has been added that allows groups or private conversations to be divided into two parts.
  • Drag Dialog Box: Added the option to drag the dialog box left and right on the home screen for quick access to different options.
  • New Fingerprint UI: Added additional use of fingerprint controlled UI.
  • Change and Download Icons: Added option to change and download icons from Style section.
  • Mobile Default Icons: Added an option to use mobile default icons.
  • Preview fonts before applying: Added the ability to preview fonts before applying them.
  • New Fonts: New fonts have been added.
  • Animated stickers are enabled.
  • Optimizations to reduce application size and improve performance and speed.
  • The problem of the application not being installed, the problem of displaying people’s photos in the status incorrectly, the problem of hiding the status text when responding to it, and other problems were solved in the previous version.
  • In addition, a voting feature has been added in groups and individual conversations, and a media preview feature for photos and videos before downloading them. All problems present in the previous version have been resolved.

Please take advantage of the new update and enjoy an improved and improved experience of the WhatsApp Black Gold application.

Download WhatsApp Black Gold against viruses 2024 for Android:

The “WhatsApp Black Gold” application is considered among the best unofficial versions of the WhatsApp application, and it was designed and developed by Abu Arab, the owner of the WhatsApp Gold application. The development and design of this software aims to provide a user-friendly and improved environment compared to the original version of WhatsApp. But it should be noted that the “WhatsApp Black Gold” application is not available in the Google Play Store. However, you can easily download and install it via the direct link available on our website, in a few simple steps and without having to spend a lot of time. The direct link is available on our website and includes all the features and characteristics of “WhatsApp Black Gold 2024”. Regular updates to the application are also provided on the website to ensure its continued improvement and development.

“WhatsApp Black Gold” is a great version of WhatsApp, known as Mod version and has additional features. This means that you can easily access many items and reports that are not available in the regular version. For example, “WhatsApp Black Gold” offers visual hiding, which you can easily and beautifully bypass and modify by updating it. Indeed, you can detect when your target audience is online by using “WhatsApp Black Gold”.

Download WhatsApp Black Anti-Virus 2024 Security

You can easily download “WhatsApp Black Gold” antivirus from our website via a direct link, and enjoy all the features of the application without any problems. The "WhatsApp Black Gold" application is characterized by security and privacy, and provides users with the ability to control and customize all aspects of the application. You can get all the live updates as soon as they are released for the application.

Download Black WhatsApp and enjoy a unique and exciting experience with this application.

You can easily download "WhatsApp Black Gold" antivirus from our website via a direct link, and enjoy all the features of the application without any problems. The "WhatsApp Black Gold" application is characterized by security and privacy, and provides users with the ability to control and customize all aspects of the application. You can get all the live updates as soon as they are released for the application.

In addition, we have provided the download of the WhatsApp Gold version and we also provide the download of GBWhatsApp   as well. You can also download WhatsApp Omar for users who prefer the English language.

  • Black WhatsApp against the ban
  • Added the feature of hiding the status from others
  • Hide access report feature
  • Schedule messages
  • Built-in VPN to ensure app speed
  • Add a theme store
  • Add the user interface as you like
  • Black Abu Arab WhatsApp stickers and emojis