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App name WhatsApp Omar
Release v59.5
Release date 2024-05-02
Developer Watts Omar
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Chat applications
Size 78 MB
Rating (43) 4.8
Free Download (78 MB)

Download WhatsApp in 2024 WhatsApp is considered one of the most famous, widespread and used applications around the world, and now it has become rare for there to be people who have smart phones and do not use WhatsApp as a means of social media, and we have begun to see many versions developed from the original WhatsApp that provide the user with additional and new features, Among the most prominent of these versions that have appeared in abundance and gained wide fame in various parts of the world, we find the WhatsApp Omar application, which will be the subject of this article. So let us get an idea about this WhatsApp and the features that characterize it. In addition, we will see how to obtain it and how it works, and what What is the difference between the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Omar? We will learn about the existing copies of it.

An overview of the WhatsApp Omar application

The WhatsApp Omar 2024 application (WhatsApp Omar), which is sometimes known as OB WhatsApp, is an upgraded and modified version of the famous official WhatsApp. It is a very well-known application and has great popularity among social media applications. It was developed by the most famous Arab developer, Omar Badib Al-Annabi, who added a set of features. And the additions that are not found in the original WhatsApp and lacks them, and it comes with a familiar user interface that resembles the original version of WhatsApp, but it includes many features and functions that you will get to know, and there are many copies of it, and this version is considered the best.

Features of the WhatsApp Omar application

WhatsApp Omar comes with a variety of new and unique features. Among these features is that it constantly speaks over and over again to be against the ban, and to avoid its users from being exposed to bans permanently or temporarily. This continuous update comes to fix some of the bugs and problems that users face when using it and meeting For their requests and desires, and better than that, the application informs its users through a notification that there is a new update, providing a direct download link, and it is updated automatically.

What's new in the latest Omar WhatsApp application (OBWhatsApp)?

With WhatsApp Omar, it has become possible to hide the read check mark or the receive check mark, and thus messages can be received and read without the sender knowing about it, even if you are connected to phone data or the Internet, because it is normal for the receive mark to appear after sending a message of any kind to any WhatsApp user when you are Connected and two message reading pages appear, but the matter is different with Omar’s WhatsApp, which prevents the appearance of these two pieces of information so that you can read all messages without the senders knowing the real time of receipt and reading. These two features are activated from the application settings and this feature works for contacts and even groups.

In the original WhatsApp, as is known, it imposes a specific time period of thirty seconds only when placing a video in the status, and if its duration exceeds that, it is cropped, but from now on, if you face this problem, because WhatsApp Omar gives you the ability to upload long videos that may reach two minutes in length. Change any problem in your status without having to crop it, and there are other features related to the status, such as the status prevention feature, which enables you to see the status of your friends or contacts even after deleting it, and what is more, you can view it without their knowledge, save it on your phone, and even share it in your own status. In addition to the feature of changing the color of the status text to appear in the color you chose instead of the usual white color, which adds more aesthetics to your status.

How to download and install the latest OBWhatsApp update, version 54

WhatsApp Omar has a feature called Hide While Writing. When activated, others will not be able to see that you are writing to them. This is not limited to written messages only, but also applies to voice messages, which can be hidden while recording an audio clip. Thanks to these features, this sentence will disappear and be activated. These features can be accessed through the settings in WhatsApp Omar in a simple way so that you can enjoy a great deal of privacy, whether within groups or contacts only.

Through the WhatsApp Omar application , the user can hide the “Online Now” feature. When it is activated, others will not be able to know that he is online or active on WhatsApp, even with the availability of contact information and his access to the application already. This gives the user greater privacy and protection from curious people. The same applies to the last appearance. This feature can be hidden. And control who can know his last appearance in real time. Therefore, this feature is very useful because it helps to provide some privacy and comfort in using this application. No one will be able to know your activity on it when you are connected or not.

Improvements and new features available in the latest OBWhatsApp application

As it is known that after connecting to the Internet, applications begin sending notifications to you, including messages, calls, etc., but the matter is different with WhatsApp Omar. The latter provides a very wonderful feature, which is the Internet disconnection feature, through which the user can disconnect the connection on the WhatsApp application only without disconnecting it from the Internet. Other applications through the icon in the interface that resembles the Wi-Fi icon by clicking on it and then you will not send or receive any messages until you disable that feature. This is a good feature for people who do not want to use the WhatsApp application at a certain time and use other applications normally.

OBWhatsApp WhatsApp Omar Update: Security and Privacy Improvements You Should Know

  • WhatsApp Omar is against the ban
  • Hide the status from others
  • Hide access report
  • Schedule messages
  • Built-in VPN to ensure app speed
  • Theme store application
  • Design the user interface to suit you
  • Stickers and emojis for WhatsApp Omar

Are there ads in OBWhatsApp?

WhatsApp Omar is a safe application and is not subject to ban. It has the feature of locking the application with a fingerprint, pattern, or even a password or PIN. In addition, it contains strong encryption of conversations with a high degree of confidentiality in order to protect the user’s privacy so that no person or third party can enter. To it, in addition to the feature of hiding conversations within this application, and in the event that someone tries to access your account or access it from another phone, the application will send you a notification about that.

Users of this application can use it and work on it without the need to connect to the Internet, and view saved files and old messages, unlike some applications that do not allow this unless contact data is available. This feature is activated through the settings within the application, and it has many different emojis for use in Their conversations increase the sense of interaction and the feeling of friends and various contacts.

Comparison between the original WhatsApp application and the latest WhatsApp Omar update

The WhatsApp Omar application contains various themes of its own. It also supports the ability to download different types of themes that suit every taste and interest of every user, in addition to the ability to change the notification tone and the tone for starting and stopping an audio recording or audio clip, and preventing the deletion of messages if the sender deletes them. From both parties, it will be deleted from him only, and it will remain with you and you will be able to see its content without the sender’s knowledge, because this application provides many tricks that come in the form of features.

Do not forget the automatic response feature to messages, which can be used to respond to any message you receive of any kind, whether an image, video, text, emoji, or sticker, without having to open it. It is a very useful feature in the event that you want to respond quickly and you do not have enough time to do so. By creating a message, this feature can be accessed and activated through your messages screen or by pressing the reply button on the screen with the ability to customize the automatic reply message.

Everything you need to know about downloading and installing the WhatsApp Omar update

Over the years, WhatsApp Omar has witnessed remarkable developments time after time. Now you can leave or exit groups without notice, and thus you can leave the group quietly without the knowledge of friends or family to avoid falling into embarrassment or the like. When you decide to leave a group, only the group administrators will be notified without their knowledge. The rest of the group members.

Many times a person avoids receiving calls. He may be in a state that does not allow him to receive calls and answer them at a certain time. Therefore, WhatsApp Omar provides a feature called incognito mode for calls. The latter will save you a lot of inconvenience, and you can activate this feature at any time you wish and are unable to answer calls. Incoming messages from your WhatsApp contacts so you can feel more comfortable and avoid noise and disturbance.

It is now possible to know one of your contacts or friends when he is active on the WhatsApp application because this feature is available on WhatsApp Omar and allows you to know the people on this application. In the event that one of them is offline and enters WhatsApp, you will receive a notification that he has become active, and this does not apply. It applies to one person only, but it applies to a group of people.

WhatsApp Omar users can send more than 90 photos at once without having to send them again and again. This application sends alerts or notifications in the event that a friend updates the personal photo or sets a new status or story. It is also possible to know who visited the profile or The personal photo that you put on your profile. In addition, WhatsApp Omar users can change the translation of texts or written messages into several different languages. It supports many languages ​​that can be changed very easily from one language to another, and this feature is present even in WhatsApp Gold.

Through WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, you can browse the Internet from within it, which is a wonderful feature that it provides to its users and works through a browser integrated with the application that allows you to search for anything at any time without having to exit the chat or conversation. All you need is an Internet connection, and this feature is considered It is useful if you are having an important call or conversation via WhatsApp with a specific person, friend or relative, and at the same time you need to browse the Internet for some reason. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone by continuing your conversation and surfing the Internet at the same time.

How to download and how to use the WhatsApp application in 2024

You can obtain the WhatsApp Omar Al-Azraq 2024 application in a very easy way, because it is available in the Google Play application store, like other applications. All you have to have is a smart phone and the Internet on it. Go to the application store on your phone and enter its name in the search box, and then The application will appear for you. Click on it and on the install icon. Thus, it will be downloaded to the phone along with other applications. You can also download this application from the links on Google.

Omar Al Wardi WhatsApp 2024 works in an intuitive way just like regular WhatsApp. After downloading and opening it, it asks you to enter your phone number and your country, and then a verification code is sent to the number you entered to confirm your account, and then you can start using it with ease and message friends and family and add them to your contacts.

Copy the WhatsApp application in 2024

The red WhatsApp Omar application is available in versions other than this version that we talked about, which is called WhatsApp Omar Burgundy, which is the first version of the WhatsApp Omar group of versions. As for the other existing versions, it is the WhatsApp Omar Al Wardi version, which is known to users as OB2WhatsApp, which is the second version by the developer Omar and is distinguished by its pink color from the rest. The other versions have many features as it has pink themes. Moreover, it has additional features such as hiding conversations, blocking voice and video calls, sharing an unlimited number of media at once, locking the application with several options, preventing deletion of statuses and incoming messages, night mode. And other features.

The blue version of WhatsApp Omar comes in blue and is known as OB3WhatsApp and belongs to the Yemeni developer Omar. It is an unofficial version and is used by a large number of people around the world, reaching millions, for messaging. It is a free application and one of the best instant applications. It has many advantages such as recovering all deleted messages and reading them again, the ability to Sending large files without being restricted to a specific size, choosing to enable features via a ZIP file, and there are still many other various features.

Do not forget the Omar Al-Akhdar WhatsApp version , known as OB4WhatsApp, which is distinguished by the green color. The developer, Omar Al-Malik, modified it for all of these versions. This version is distinguished by exceeding the document sharing size limit of 100 MB or more, the ability to make a backup copy of all application files, a free theme store, and other unique features. It is one of its kind, and there are two other versions, which are Omar Red WhatsApp, OB5WhatsApp, and Omar Golden WhatsApp, OB6WhatsApp.

The difference between the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp 2024

Of course, there is a clear difference between the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Omar 2024 , which came to cover the things that the official WhatsApp lacks, and this difference is evident in the fact that the official WhatsApp application is available on Android and iOS platforms and there is one original copy of it, while WhatsApp Omar is a developed and modified application. It has many versions and may be available on the App Store or vice versa, in addition to the features and characteristics that we mentioned that do not exist in the official WhatsApp, whether cutting off the Internet on WhatsApp only or downloading statuses and preventing their deletion, in addition to all other features, but despite that, the original WhatsApp remains safer. It is reliable, maintains the user's privacy, and protects his information more than any other modified application.

Permanent features in every update to the WhatsApp Omar application

Omar Al-Dhahabi WhatsApp is updated continuously and permanently, and every time work is done to improve the previous version and modify it to meet the desires and requests of users, but there are features that always remain present, and among these features and characteristics that do not change is the ability to add the book Hisn Al-Muslim to WhatsApp, and this is a wonderful feature that is especially important for every Muslim. This application is used by many Muslims and Arabs and its developer is an Arab Muslim, in addition to the ability to edit and modify images before sending them, along with sending scheduled messages and even changing them after scheduling them. In addition, the feature of pinning calls and the quick response feature remain in addition to that, a personal character can be added to conversations with the ability Adding and designing new icons.

a summary

As a conclusion, it can be said that the WhatsApp Omar 2024 application is very useful and rich in features that are not found in regular WhatsApp, which makes it more attractive to millions of people. It gives its users a unique messaging experience and has a set of characteristics and features. It is being developed for the better according to the user’s desire and requirements to always be the best with many... There are copies and modified versions that exist, but despite this, caution must be taken when using modified applications because they are not 100 percent safe.

Version name
  • WhatsApp Omar
  • v55
Update date
  • 01/01/2024
the size
  • 81MB
Operating requirements
  • Android 5.0+