Download the latest update from WhatsApp Blue, version 11.30

App name Blue WhatsApp
Release 11.30
Release date 2024-03-14
Developer Abu Arab
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Chat applications
Size 78 MB
Rating (28) 4.8
Free Download (78 MB)

Download Blue WhatsApp Over the years, the WhatsApp application has been able to be among the most downloaded and used social networking applications in the world, and it has become a necessary and main means of communication for millions from different parts of the world. There is almost no smartphone that does not have the WhatsApp application among other applications. This is because it facilitates the process of communicating and messaging family, friends, and various contacts. Today we see a large group of applications developed from the original WhatsApp, which come with new features that are not present in the original version of WhatsApp. Among these very widespread versions, we find the blue WhatsApp application, the latter of which will be the subject of In this article, let us take an overview of Blue WhatsApp and its advantages and even disadvantages. We will also learn how to download and obtain it quickly and easily, in addition to how to update it. We will also discuss the difference between regular WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp and its alternative applications.

A glimpse of the WhatsApp Blue 2024 application

The Blue WhatsApp application (WhatsApp Bleu) is one of the most famous applications modified from the official WhatsApp by developer Abu Arab. It is one of the social networking applications for exchanging photos, videos, text messages, audio clips, and even video and voice calls, etc. It has great popularity and wide fame among millions of people who prefer to use it over any other application due to the features it contains that make instant messaging fun and unique. It is used daily and is very popular because it meets the requirements and needs of users. In addition, it is available for free download. It comes with an easy and simple user interface that everyone can deal with, and it ranks first in terms of the number of downloads compared to other Abu Arab WhatsApp applications.

Features of the Blue WhatsApp 2024 application

People use dozens of applications daily, and each of us has a specific reason for choosing the applications he uses. Perhaps one of the most prominent reasons is the features found in those applications. This applies to the blue WhatsApp application, also known as WhatsApp Plus , which has won the admiration of millions of people and uses it daily because it has features. Plentiful and useful that increase their privacy, among these features is hiding appearances. When you activate this feature, others will not be able to see your last appearance on WhatsApp, and do not show that you are writing or recording an audio clip so that others will not be able to see that you are writing or recording a voice message.

With the modified Blue WhatsApp application from the original WhatsApp, the user can control or cut off Internet access to the application. When this feature is activated, the Internet is cut off from the WhatsApp application only without cutting it off from other applications. This feature is useful if you do not want to communicate with anyone or In a bad mood, activate this feature and you will not receive any messages or calls from anyone on the Blue WhatsApp application until you turn it off.

Blue WhatsApp supports the feature of not showing viewing of the status of others. When you activate this feature, you can view the status of your contacts and friends without them knowing it. This is a good feature if you do not want to respond to their status. In addition, you can copy the text of their status and even download the status, whether it is a video. Or a photo on your mobile phone and re-share it without its owners knowing about this matter.

Royal Blue WhatsApp  There are other features related to the status, such as the feature of keeping the status for 48 hours. It is known that in regular WhatsApp and even some developed versions, the status remains for 24 hours after which it disappears, but the matter is different with WhatsApp. Blue, which keeps the status for a longer period of up to 48 hours before it is deleted, in addition to the ability to copy the status text and publish it very easily without the need to write new text and waste time. In addition, a video clip of up to 7 full minutes can be shared in the status without the need to Crop it into parts instead of thirty seconds for the official WhatsApp status.

Blue WhatsApp features

Automated reply

Automated reply

Automatic response is a new feature within Blue WhatsApp. Its mission is to add an automatic response to any conversation you want, according to the times you set yourself, and you can send the automatic response to one or several contacts at the same time. See here:


Ultra privacy

Ultra privacy

Privacy will always be a plus point within WA Blue Plus. It contains many hiding options not available on the official app, such as hiding blue ticks, last time, displayed status, and online status.


Download different types of themes

Download different types of themes

While rating the above sections, we once told you about the customization features of Blue WhatsApp. Except for complex movements, it also includes massive pre-designed themes. Just install and use it!


Lock and security

Lock and security

Security and Privacy One of the most important features of Blue WhatsApp is the ability to fully control privacy, starting with hiding your last appearance, and also bypassing viewing photos and videos at once.


Against deleting messages

Against deleting messages

Yesterday my friend sent me one of his funny pictures and immediately deleted it before looking at it. If such a thing happens frequently, download WhatsApp Blue and enable the anti-phishing feature to prevent it from deleting messages for you.


Multiple emojis

Multiple emojis

Before we go any further with the emojis, let me be clear that the emoji variable does not refer to the emojis available on the bar. It's the same emoji with different designs. You get more than 6 unique styles freely with this mod. Do you want to try it and give it a go?


Download status

Download status

After all, something else got its stand, the blue WhatsApp status. We were aghast at asking for Friends and Relatives mode, but it's no longer a struggle as WA Plus includes a free download status add-on here.


no limits

no limits

The limit is for the common and limited man, but we are technical! We hate borders. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp offers you the highest blue light, only there are no limits on photo sharing limit, message forwarding, image quality, quantity, and video size. Share with an open heart!


Advanced cleaner

Advanced cleaner

Artificial Intelligence is fun and makes our work easy like a piece of cake. Now, you can enjoy the advanced cleaner inside the blue WhatsApp Plus interface. You need to mark the file formats you want to erase, such as old messages, giant photos or videos. It will be another mission plus!

As it is known that in the original WhatsApp, when you want to share media at once, you cannot share more than 90 images at the same time, but this has become possible with Blue WhatsApp, which makes it easier for its users to share a large number of media at once without the need to share them again and again, which is A useful feature to save time and effort at the same time. In addition, this application supports the ability to send a video of 50 MB in size and various large files.

There is an important feature in this application, which is the feature of displaying deleted messages, and perhaps many people use it because of it because it prevents the deletion of messages, whether they are an image, an audio clip, or even plain text, an emoji, etc. You can know the content of the message deleted by the other party without knowing it, because Blue WhatsApp sends it to you. Notably, it can be said that the feature of deleting messages for everyone is no longer possible because you can easily see and view the message.

The application has the feature of hiding the receipt trays and the blue reading mark. By activating this feature, none of your senders will know that you received their message or even read it, and you can read all the messages without them knowing about it. Therefore, you will not have to respond to messages at a specific time and you will not feel embarrassed, so this is a feature. Useful, giving the person the freedom to respond or not.

Blue WhatsApp maintains the security of users by providing a set of protection methods to preserve the user’s privacy from intruders and curious people. Among these methods is that you can lock the application either with a secret number consisting of numbers, a password that you create, or with your fingerprint, in addition to the pattern. You can choose the method. Which you want, and thus no one will be able to open your WhatsApp application without the need to use lock applications.

This application comes with a feature of receiving notifications that enables the user to receive a notification in the event that a friend or contact changes the photo or profile, in the event that someone views his status, and even in the event that one of the contacts downloads a status or becomes online, through this feature you will remain on Knowledge and awareness of the movements and activities of your friends or contacts in general within the WhatsApp Gold application .

You can now write a longer status with Blue WhatsApp, the number of which may reach 255 characters instead of 130 characters for regular WhatsApp. Thus, you can express more about your status without being restricted to a specific number, with the ability to add emojis and others. There is a new feature related to the status, which is the ability to display The status of friends and contacts by clicking on their profile picture on the home page. Thus, you will not need to go to the statuses section, as you can view them directly, faster and easier.

Blue WhatsApp users can customize the user interface in the shape and color they want and in their own way. This is a wonderful feature thanks to which they can change the appearance of the application, and change the backgrounds and colors in a free and simple way. This gives greater aesthetics to this application, makes it different from others, and gives its users the opportunity to create their own artistic touch on it. Their favorite means of communication is fun and beautiful.

Blue WhatsApp contains a variety of dark and colorful themes that allow the user to customize the appearance of the application in a way that suits his style and interests. These themes are considered an excellent tool that makes the application more attractive and aesthetic. In addition, Blue WhatsApp provides a feature called iPhone Style, which changes the appearance of the application to resemble the iPhone interface, whether in Planning or design, this is a very wonderful feature.

Managing conversations is important in various applications, including the Blue WhatsApp application. The latter allows the ability to hide conversations and even pin them according to their importance, so that the conversation always remains pinned and prominent, even in the presence of other conversations. This feature contributes to organizing your WhatsApp and making it tidy, because each conversation comes according to its importance to you. So that you do not feel the presence of chaos, with the ability to encrypt messages and calls, by activating this feature you will get a high level of privacy.

Do not forget the feature or feature of automatic response to messages. Through this feature, the user can send an automatic response to various messages, whether video, image, etc. This is not limited to individuals only, but also applies to groups, in addition to the feature of scheduled messages, whether for contacts or groups, and this The features are useful and facilitate the process of messaging and communication between us.

There are additional features in the Blue WhatsApp application, as if it now has great protection from bans, and when sending an image through it, it is of high quality and accuracy. In addition, it is possible to interact with messages with the “Like” icon by double-clicking, and the night mode has been improved, and the floating notifications feature has been added, and the division has become WhatsApp statuses that are long videos in an easy way. You can also add new templates in the theme store, switch between WhatsApp accounts, the feature dedicated to changing the font within the application, and other features that you may want to discover.

Disadvantages of the Blue WhatsApp application

Almost everything in this world has advantages and even disadvantages, and this is normal because nothing is 100 percent perfect. Likewise, the Blue WhatsApp application has many advantages, but it is not devoid of some defects that afflict it. Among these defects, firstly, it is just an alternative application, not official, and it is not reliable. 100% is not available on the phone store, whether running the Android system (Play Store) or even on the Apple Store, so there remain doubts about the user’s privacy, and when downloading it from links on the Internet or Google in particular, a message appears to you that it is not safe, and it is updated. Slowly, about once a month, in addition, it contains some ads that may become annoying, and the biggest drawback is that if you download it, you cannot use the original WhatsApp, and it cannot be downloaded if you have the original WhatsApp application. In general, when using it, you must be careful and not enter Important and sensitive information because if a problem occurs there are no known parties to contact.

How to download the Blue WhatsApp application

If you own the original WhatsApp and want to download Blue WhatsApp, you must first make sure that your device is connected to the Internet and that it has sufficient storage space. After that, you must make a backup copy of the chats through the settings in WhatsApp, then uninstall it, and after that comes the download step. Blue WhatsApp This is done by going to the Google search engine and searching for the latest APK version of the Blue WhatsApp application. When it appears, install the file, but before that, it is necessary and certain to give the phone permission to download applications of unknown source and unreliable developed by third parties, and then it will be downloaded. The application is very quick and easy, and therefore you can open the application and start using it by entering your mobile phone number. The verification code that is sent to you has been received in that number that you entered, and that is all. You can obtain Blue WhatsApp very easily.

How to update the Blue WhatsApp application

Updating Blue WhatsApp is a very easy process that everyone can do. Some simple steps are followed for that. First, you must go to the settings options within the application. Second, you must click on the option to search for updates. If there is a new update available, it will be requested to download and install it. When it is installed, You can directly benefit from the improvements and added features that come in response to the request and desire of users. It is best to make sure to update your application permanently and regularly to avoid bans. It should be noted that the available update notification is sent directly in most cases, and in the event that you do not receive a notification, you must ensure that Updates are done manually to avoid any interruption.

The difference between the original WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp

In fact, the regular WhatsApp does not differ much from the Blue WhatsApp in terms of the user interface, but there is a difference in terms of the features that each one of them offers. For your information, the Blue WhatsApp came to cover some of the things that the official WhatsApp lacks. Those features that we mentioned in this article are missing in the original version of WhatsApp, but despite this, regular WhatsApp remains the original, and Blue WhatsApp is a developed and modified application. In addition, regular WhatsApp is a reliable application and is available on all systems and was made by well-known parties, while the Blue WhatsApp application is not 100% reliable and does not exist on those systems. It is developed by unknown or anonymous parties and is downloaded in an unreliable manner.

Alternative applications to the Blue WhatsApp application

Recently, a group of applications developed from the original WhatsApp have spread, such as the Blue WhatsApp application. Among the most prominent of these similar applications that can be an alternative to Blue WhatsApp, we find the GBWhatsApp application, which is one of the best developed versions of WhatsApp and is widely known by many users of communication applications. Social, and it has almost all of the features found in Blue WhatsApp, in addition to WhatsApp FM, which may be a good alternative to WhatsApp and is designed to provide all privacy measures and has many features that make communicating with others an enjoyable matter, and do not forget the YoWhatsApp application ( YoWhatsApp (the latter is a simple and easy-to-use application and has many features that you may want to try. As for the last application, it is the WhatsApp Aero application, which was developed to be the focus of attention of those who want to modify WhatsApp in all aspects and is considered one of the best alternative versions of the blue WhatsApp. There are still many other applications that compete with the Blue WhatsApp application .

a summary

Thus, we have reached the end of this article in which we talked about the Blue WhatsApp application and its advantages and disadvantages. We can say that it is a good application for instant messaging that has many useful advantages and characteristics for the user and is worth downloading, but one must be careful and take caution when using it, as it remains a double-edged sword with pros and cons in it. Same time.

  • Blue WhatsApp against the ban
  • Hide the status from others
  • Hide access report
  • Schedule messages
  • Built-in VPN to ensure app speed
  • Theme store application
  • Design the user interface to suit you
  • Blue WhatsApp stickers and emojis