Download the latest WhatsApp Red update, version 11.30

App name WhatsApp red
Release 11.30
Release date 2024-03-14
Developer Abu Arab
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Chat applications
Size 78 MB
Rating (45) 4.8
Free Download (78 MB)

Download WhatsApp Red Social media applications, with their various types, have come to play a large and important role in our daily lives, due to the services they provide that facilitate the process of communicating with relatives and friends and knowing their news and developments. The WhatsApp application is perhaps the most famous and most widely used of these applications around the world, as it has won the admiration of billions of people from all over the world. All over the world, but with the passage of time, dozens of applications modified from it appeared that were developed to cover those things or features that are not present in the official version of the WhatsApp application, and among these applications modified from the regular WhatsApp that are widely known is the red WhatsApp application, the latter of which will be the subject of this article. In which we will learn about this WhatsApp and its most prominent advantages and features. We will also learn about its disadvantages and how to download it in addition to how to update it. In addition, we will discuss the differences between it and the original WhatsApp, and we will talk about applications similar to it as well.

An overview of the Red WhatsApp download application

WhatsApp Red is an application developed from the original WhatsApp, designed by the developer Abu Arab, and it is included among the most famous versions of WhatsApp in existence. It was programmed in a short time, and despite that, it received great demand from... Social media pioneers, whose number is estimated at millions from all over the world, is because it contains many features and advantages that make instant messaging very comfortable and enjoyable, which the original version of the WhatsApp application lacks. It always works to meet the requirements and desires of users and provides them with great protection. It is available in more than Version or version, and new versions or versions come against the ban and work very easily without stopping. Some improvements and modifications have been added to make the application always go for the better and work as required. Through this application, you as a user can do many things that cannot be done if you are using regular WhatsApp.

Features of the Red WhatsApp download application

As it is known, WhatsApp Red is a modified and unofficial application that was developed by people who hold electronic programming certificates. They have added new features to this application that are not available in regular WhatsApp. There are privacy-related features in WhatsApp Red in addition to its own features in general. When you download it, you will find many wonderful advantages related to privacy, which we will mention now:

The hide appearance feature in WhatsApp Red enables you to hide your appearance and none of your contacts will be able to know this. This feature does not allow others to see the time of your activity on WhatsApp, whether you are online or not. They will not be able to see the real time that you were online and this feature is good for protecting privacy. The user is a curious person, thanks to it, no one will know that you are online and vice versa. The beautiful thing is that you can know if one of your friends is online on the WhatsApp application, thanks to the display of an information notification about that.

If you are a user of WhatsApp Red, you will be able to read any message sent by your contacts without showing the reading plates, thanks to the feature of hiding the reading plates that WhatsApp Red supports. By activating this feature, others will not know that you have read their messages even if you really do, and this feature is useful in the case of If you are not at a time that allows you to respond to these messages, then you will avoid the appearance of the read mark, which annoys many people if you do not respond and leave it that way.

There is a feature that exceeds the feature of hiding the reading plates that we talked about, which is the feature of hiding the receiving plates. This latter feature is in the event that you activate it and someone sends you a message, it will appear to him that you are not connected to the Internet, even though you are connected, the message will be sent with one plate, and it is a feature that does not exist in the original WhatsApp that appears. This sign is live if you receive a message while you are connected to the Internet.

Hide Story Viewing feature: This feature will enable you to view the statuses of your contacts without them knowing about this matter. This feature is activated through the privacy settings on the application. Moreover, you can even respond to that status without it appearing in the owners’ story viewing list, and you may not want to. Respond to it basically, and you remain free to respond or not.

It is known that when you write a message to one of the people on WhatsApp, it appears to them that you are writing, but the matter is different for Red WhatsApp, which comes with the feature of hiding the writing process. By running this feature, the other party will not know. Or to the recipient that you are writing a message to him. This also applies to voice messages. You can hide the sign that an audio clip is being recorded. The Red WhatsApp application added the feature of hiding the conversation using a specific lock, such as a pattern or password, with the ability to return to it at any time you want. This is a great feature for preserving the privacy of conversations, in addition to the ability to schedule messages within the application and send them at a specific time, and messages can be translated instantly into languages. Different, the application supports multiple languages.

When one of your contacts views your status, you will receive a notification of this, and you will receive a notification if someone changes the profile picture and even if he connects to the Internet. This is called the notifications feature and it is available in the WhatsApp Red update along with other features such as the feature of locking the application with a fingerprint in general and even locking chats in particular to obtain Provides greater protection against intruders and may eliminate the need for locking applications.

Through WhatsApp Red, the user can change his real voice to other voices when recording an audio clip and provides a group of different voices that can be used instead of your voice. In addition, the verification problem before sending emojis and stickers has been solved, in addition to that it has become possible to share a long video. In this case, without the 30-second restriction imposed by regular WhatsApp and without the need to divide it into parts.

With WhatsApp Red, you can transfer messages without them appearing to be transferred or forwarded messages. You can control the downloading of files and documents by allowing downloading or vice versa. You can also control the color and background of notifications. This is a good feature that gives users the freedom to choose colors and shapes that suit their taste and excite them. Their interest.

In WhatsApp Red, you can arrange the appearance of messages according to the most recent or oldest and vice versa. You can also prevent deleting messages or reading deleted messages, even if they have been deleted from both sides, they will appear to you normally, with the ability to install thirty conversations instead of twenty-five in the chat list, and there are features There are many features related to groups, such as adding an icon next to the name of the group owner to know its owner, and group calls can be made with members of groups and others. In addition, the user can send a message to a number that is not saved on his phone or that is not in his contacts list and even send a group message with all these features. It is located within the settings of the Red WhatsApp application and can be easily activated.

Five faces have been added to WhatsApp Red. In addition, the problem of the application icon disappearing when a new update is made has been fixed, and the problem related to WhatsApp Red stopping when opening WhatsApp Red has been solved. Even the problem of it stopping when the font is changed, and a feature has been added that allows the user to select any message within a group while he is a member of that group and respond to its owner independently in private. This is done by clicking on that message and seeing the options there.

In general, the Red WhatsApp application gives its users great freedom, whether regarding messages sent by a friend who does not know that you are connected to the Internet or not, and leaves you the freedom to respond to them or not to do so and know the content of incoming messages without others knowing about it, while controlling the number of people who can see it. Your status: The application has provided different, bright colors to use in your status, and there are different shapes and sizes of font, from which you can choose any font you want, which adds to the aesthetic feature without being restricted to one font that may become boring over time.

There are still many additional features within WhatsApp Red that you may want to explore and try, such as the ability to download new themes, control the application icon, and fix the color of the sound icon. In addition, any status can be downloaded without its owner knowing about it, and this is done by clicking on the three dots located vertically at the top left. screen and then choose the word Download and this will be added to the media library on your phone. In addition, the Red WhatsApp application is completely free when you download it. You will not need to pay any fees. It is small in size and does not occupy a large storage space on your phone and will not cause you any problem when downloading it.

Disadvantages of the Red WhatsApp download application

We have previously seen the many features of WhatsApp Red, but despite these many features, it also contains drawbacks, and among these drawbacks, the most notable is that it is not available on many types of phones such as BlackBerry phones, iPhones, and is not available on Windows as well. In addition, it was developed by Unknown parties, which makes it 100% unsafe, and you must be careful when using it and not enter sensitive information into it, such as your bank card number and passwords. It still needs to be updated because it has not been fully developed, and it is not available on the official application stores and is downloaded using a method. It is not safe, and if you want to download it, you will receive a warning message that it may be a harmful and unreliable application.

How to download the Red WhatsApp application

We previously said that WhatsApp Red is not available on official application stores such as Android, the Apple Store, and others, and it is downloaded from the search links on Google. To download the WhatsApp Red application, you must go to the search engine on Google and type download the WhatsApp Red application in the search box. After that, a group of There are links from which you can download it, but first you must make sure that there is sufficient storage space on your mobile phone and that there is an Internet connection. You must also provide the necessary tools for the phone to download unreliable applications. After installation, click on the download icon and by following these simple steps you can download WhatsApp Red and start using it. The usual method known to WhatsApp users is to enter the phone number with which you want to create your account on the red WhatsApp application, and you have to wait a little while to receive the confirmation or verification code, so you can use the application and benefit from its many advantages, and that is all.

How to update WhatsApp Red

There is a continuous search online for how to update the Red WhatsApp application and obtain the latest version because it is an important application for many users. For your information, it is updated in a simple and easy way. If you are one of the users of this application and want to update it, you must follow some steps in order not to lose previous conversations by Make backup copies of conversations and make sure there is a new version or update for WhatsApp Red. If you find a new version, download it to your phone through the link on the developer’s website. After downloading the new version, open the application and follow the instructions for the update process. After completing the update process, you can use The application and benefit from the latest features in it without losing previous conversations.

The differences between the original WhatsApp and the red WhatsApp

It is true that the original WhatsApp and the Red WhatsApp are two applications for instant messaging and they have a set of common characteristics between them, but at the same time there are some differences, and the most important of these differences is that the official WhatsApp can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store and it is a safe application in a way that is not subject to ban, while the Red WhatsApp The application is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, and it is not a 100% reliable application. In addition, the original WhatsApp does not contain any annoying ads, while Red WhatsApp may display some ads from time to time, but in fact the original WhatsApp It has limited settings, unlike WhatsApp Red, which has many and varied settings and features, such as hiding the status view, not showing reading pages, and regular WhatsApp does not have different themes, such as WhatsApp Red, and other features. Do not forget that WhatsApp Red is an upgraded version and specially modified to cover the existing deficiency. In the original version of WhatsApp.

Applications similar to the Red WhatsApp application

There are many messaging applications and developed applications that are very similar to Red WhatsApp and can be an alternative to it. Perhaps the most prominent of these applications is the Blue WhatsApp application (WhatsApp Bleu), also known as WhatsApp Plus, which is one of the highest-rated modified WhatsApp applications and contains a variety of features such as those found in Red WhatsApp, in addition to the GBWhatsApp application, which is an application developed from WhatsApp and has very great popularity among millions of people and is the most widely used, and occupies a high position among its users as they cannot do without it due to the unique features that it has, and let us not forget the famous application. Fouad WhatsApp, which was modified from the official WhatsApp by developer Fouad Miqdad, who developed it in an easy-to-use manner and added to it many customization features and privacy options that are very useful for getting the best possible experience, and of course there are still other applications that can be used instead of regular WhatsApp.

a summary

In conclusion, it can be said that the Red WhatsApp application is one of the most powerful instant chat applications. It is an application rich in unique features that give a special character when messaging others. It provides its users with new and various advantages that are not found in The original version of the WhatsApp application. In addition, when you download it, you will get a set of features that increase the user’s privacy with friends and contacts. However, despite this, the Red WhatsApp application remains unofficial like other applications, and when dealing with these unreliable applications, you must be careful because Its use may be fraught with risks hidden within a distinctive template.

  • Red WhatsApp against the ban
  • Hide the status from others
  • Hide access report
  • Schedule messages
  • Built-in VPN to ensure app speed
  • Theme store application
  • Design the user interface to suit you
  • Red WhatsApp stickers and emojis