WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 latest version V23 Download WhatsApp Pink Penguin Update WhatsApp Blue Penguin

App name whatsapp penguin
Release V23
Release date 2024-05-02
Developer Watts Penguin
Requirements Android 4+
Category Chat applications
Size 81
Rating (21) 4.9
Free Download (81)

WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 is a messaging application designed for mobile smartphones, enabling you to communicate via SMS, voice or video with your friends and family via Wi-Fi or 4G/3G/2G connection. Using the new WhatsApp application, you will no longer suffer from worrying about the costs of voice calls and international calls, as all calls and messages, whether international or local, in Golden Penguin WhatsApp are completely free. Join us to explore this application.

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Download WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 for Android

Golden Penguin WhatsApp is considered one of the applications that is very easy to use and does not require any registration or membership via email. After installing the software, you can easily access all its features by entering your phone number, without having to pay any membership fees.

Download Golden Penguin WhatsApp 2024

Other features of the Golden Penguin WhatsApp app include the ability to chat and conduct group conversations. You can chat in groups with friends, family, and others in groups. One of the important features of the application to download the latest version of #WhatsApp Golden Penguin is the ability to receive messages in offline mode, so that even if your mobile phone is turned off, messages will be received by the Golden Penguin WhatsApp update .

Golden Penguin WhatsApp integrates seamlessly with your existing phonebook, allowing you to quickly connect to your contacts. The latest version of WhatsApp Golden Penguin uses your phone book to quickly and easily connect to your contacts. So, no need to add or remember your friends' usernames.

The most important new features in the latest WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 download

The main features of the new version of the Golden Penguin 2024 WhatsApp application :

  • Sending free text messages:
    The application allows you to send text messages easily and for free.
  • Free voice and video calls:
    Allows users to make free voice and video calls, which contributes to saving communication costs.
  • Send photos, videos, and documents:
    You can send multimedia files such as photos, videos, and documents.
  • Send various emojis:
    Allows you to use a variety of beautiful emojis to express your feelings.
  • Receive messages online and offline:
    You can receive messages whether you are online or offline.
  • Group chat and private chat:
    The ability to chat individually or in groups.
  • Share your location:
    The application allows you to share your current location with your friends.
  • Star chat messages:
    You can mark important messages by starring them.
  • Contact Exchange:
    The ability to exchange contacts easily.
  • Customize alert sound and chat background:
    Allows you to customize the sound settings and chat background as per your preference.
  • Post messages to multiple contacts:
    The ability to post your messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • No registration, username and password:
    You can take advantage of all these features without having to register or use a username and password.

Privacy in downloading WhatsApp Yellow Penguin

Downloading WhatsApp Penguin is a particularly enjoyable experience when using the Hide Last Seen feature to download #WhatsApp Golden Penguin, the latest version, to avoid the ban. The Hide Last Seen option is previously available in Golden Penguin and Yellow Penguin WhatsApp, but there is a distinct difference in enjoyment and better use. What does this mean?

What is meant is that when you activate the option to hide your last appearance on WhatsApp using the original WhatsApp Golden Penguin uptodown version , the result is that no one can see your last appearance on WhatsApp. However, this is mutually exclusive, as you cannot see the last appearance of anyone else in your contact list on WhatsApp Yellow Penguin .

Here lies the real difference and distinctive addition when using Golden Penguin WhatsApp . It gives you the ability to enjoy the option to hide your last seen without affecting your ability to see the last seen of your friends on  WhatsApp Penguin . This makes the experience more fun and flexible, as you can maintain your privacy while still being able to monitor the last appearances of those you want to follow.

Learn how to download WhatsApp Yellow Penguin 2024

Using the latest version of WhatsApp Penguin to download the latest version offers exceptional features, especially in the latest update that we are presenting to you today. This update comes with many wonderful features and features that you will learn about once you use the Penguin version of WhatsApp . In this context, we will seek to cover all of these features carefully, as the Yellow Penguin WhatsApp 2024 download features the latest updates to resist the ban.

Providing great privacy settings is one of the most prominent features of this update, in addition to the ability to upload WhatsApp statuses. This allows you to add a personal and unique touch to your experience on WhatsApp Yellow Penguin , where you can share your own content with friends and family. From additions to interface customization, this update enhances the user experience and adds many innovative and useful features.

Users of the new Yellow Penguin version of WhatsApp can now make group calls easily. All you have to do is make a call between you and your friend, then click on the icon designated for group calls. Not only that, but you can also follow the messages that were sent to you, even if your friend deleted them. You can now view all messages that have been deleted using the Golden Penguin WhatsApp update .

Another great feature added to Yellow Penguin WhatsApp Downloader is the ability to prevent video and photos from appearing in the gallery. You can do this by entering the conversation, then clicking on the person's picture and choosing to view media. You can also configure this setting directly from Settings. In addition, the stickers feature has been added to download the latest version of #WhatsApp Golden Penguin . You can now send and receive stickers easily, and provide many ready-made stickers within the application.

Support stickers after downloading WhatsApp Yellow Penguin from Media Fire

A great new feature has been added to Golden Penguin WhatsApp, which is the sticker feature. Now you can easily send and receive stickers via the app without any problems. Not only that, but WhatsApp Golden Penguin gives you access to a large number of ready-made stickers within the application, which adds creativity and diversity to the user experience in expressing ideas and feelings. Enjoy sharing fun and creative stickers with your friends and family and make your chats brighter and more interactive.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Golden Penguin

If you are a fan of modifications to the WhatsApp application and prefer to use modified versions such as WhatsApp Golden Penguin, welcome to this topic, which provides you with links to download the latest version of WhatsApp Golden Penguin by developer Penguin. We will provide you with direct download links via Mediafire without annoying ads. We will also talk about this improved and unique version that comes with great features that are not available in the original WhatsApp Penguin.

The Golden Penguin WhatsApp version is considered among the distinguished and competitive versions. However, it has not received sufficient attention compared to other versions of Download, #WhatsApp Golden Penguin latest version . You can download the latest version after reading the introductory summary about the version and learning about the wonderful features that the original version of WhatsApp lacks.

What distinguishes WhatsApp Golden Penguin is the presence of tools and features that are completely unique from other versions, such as special emojis and the first official versions of the WhatsApp application. In addition, downloading the latest version of #WhatsApp Golden Penguin allows you to hide your appearance, which is the main feature for many WhatsApp Golden Penguin users .

What is the download of #WhatsApp Golden Penguin

Download #WhatsApp Gold Penguin , it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application known as green in the Google Play Store for Android devices. This version features the original WhatsApp functions and features, in addition to many additional features that are often not available in the official version.

With BT3WhatsApp Arabic, you can benefit from features such as saving your friends' status, turning off the Internet connection only from the application, hiding your Internet connection status, hiding reading receipts, being free of ads, and many other features that you will discover after downloading the program.

Download and install the completely new Penguin WhatsApp application, BT3WhatsApp, which is among the most popular applications among Android system users. This application was developed to take advantage of the wonderful features and functions that may not be available in some other applications, in addition to WhatsApp  Golden Penguin latest version, which already contains many features that we will discuss in this topic.

In addition, the famous Arab engineer and developer Taha Al-Qudsi modified it to become the main application for the most popular chat and messaging applications. He was credited with developing WhatsApp, Penguin Gold, by adding new features and updates. There are many modified versions such as “BT4WhatsApp, BT2WhatsApp, and BT3WhatsApp and BTWhatsApp”, each with a variety of unique improvements.

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Download, #WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024

Download Golden Penguin WhatsApp , it is one of the most famous modifications to the WhatsApp application, and enjoys great popularity as one of the best modified WhatsApp applications. It is one of the least downloaded Golden Penguin WhatsApp mods and is widely used among users who are looking for a different experience and improvements over the official app for chatting and messaging.

When downloading and installing the download of #WhatsApp Golden Penguin  on the Android system, this is done by installing the APK file of one of the best modified WhatsApp applications, which is superior to other applications such as WhatsApp Blue Penguin , WhatsApp Red Penguin, and WhatsApp Pink Penguin. You must remember that to maintain excellent performance, you have to download the latest version of Golden Penguin WhatsApp. This ensures that you will get the latest updates and improvements offered by the official chat and instant messaging app.

Download #WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 for free _ Download WhatsApp Penguin

When we take a look at most versions of the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download , we find that they are very similar, as many of them are developed by developers such as the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download . When this does not happen, we may find some versions that lack many desirable features. But this does not apply to WhatsApp Golden Penguin , which represents an important aesthetic change and provides distinctive results.

Golden Penguin WhatsApp features user interface customization and greater control over privacy options, and provides more flexibility in sending files and downloading themes. This is a small part of what WhatsApp Golden Penguin offers, and there are many wonderful and unique features that distinguish it from the rest of the versions of WhatsApp Dhabi for developers. The Golden Penguin WhatsApp download update against the ban is very unique and distinct.

The BT3WhatsApp Golden Penguin download application contains  all the features of the popular regular WhatsApp, in addition to many unique features added by developer Taha. These features include hide appearance, hide photos, hide recording, see deleted messages, and hide writing in progress. In addition, there are many great features that you will discover when using Lotus Penguin .

WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024 update, latest version

By the way, you can now use four numbers and open four WhatsApp accounts on your phone using the four Golden Penguin WhatsApp versions without any problems. In the latest WhatsApp Golden Penguin update, the developer solved many problems related to the four versions and made fixes to the user interface. The issue of hanging WhatsApp add-on interfaces has been addressed, and security and stability have been improved. Penguin WhatsApp add-ons have special privacy-related features and these features are an essential part of the user experience.

It is worth noting that in this latest version of the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download , the developer has improved the performance of the application to be more secure and stable, making it anti-ban. This means that you can use it without worrying about the account being banned, thus bypassing the possibility of the company detecting the use of a modified version of WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024

Hide online now by downloading WhatsApp Golden Penguin 2024

The Hide Online feature is now one of the great features offered by the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download version in the latest version of 2024. It allows users to make their WhatsApp status invisible to others, whether they are currently online or not. By downloading and installing Golden Penguin WhatsApp, you can enjoy this feature and conduct your conversations without others knowing that you are on the famous chat application.

Hide while writing - a new feature in the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download update

In the latest Golden Penguin WhatsApp download version , a new feature has been added titled “Writing,” where this phrase appears on the chat bar to let the other party know that you have started writing a message. This option is professional and adds an extra touch to the user experience, showing attention to detail.

Hide Recording - Similar feature to Writing

The “Recording” feature is similar to the “Writing” feature in Penguin  WhatsApp in its working and mechanism it depends on. The phrase “Recording” appears on the chat bar to let the other party know that you have started recording a voice message. This feature adds a touch of great detail and gives the other party a better understanding of the activities that may be taking place on the chat application.

Possibility of translating texts and messages

In Golden Penguin WhatsApp 2024 download , you have a great feature of translating messages and texts. You can speak and interact directly with people who do not speak Arabic via the translation feature. You can translate messages into any language you wish, making the communication process easier and more effective. Golden Penguin WhatsApp has more than 23 different languages ​​that you can use.

Hide status view (story)

The feature to hide status views is an effective and wonderful addition to Golden Penguin WhatsApp. Where you can follow friends' statuses without them knowing that you have viewed their status. This feature allows you to secretly monitor and browse stories without leaving traces.

Download stickers for WhatsApp Golden Penguin

WhatsApp Golden Penguin introduces new fixes regarding stickers. whatsapp penguin You can now download stickers from external sources, which enhances your user experience and adds variety to your stickers. You can find new and special stickers in the Golden Penguin WhatsApp store.

Download Golden Penguin WhatsApp themes

One of the beautiful features of Golden Penguin WhatsApp is the ability to completely modify the application interface. Instead of sticking to the official WhatsApp interface color, you can try new colors and customize fonts and backgrounds. You can also access the Golden Penguin WhatsApp theme store and download Jah themes

Final words about the Golden Penguin WhatsApp download application, latest version 2024, BT3WhatsApp

In conclusion, after you have learned about all the wonderful additions and features offered by BT3WhatsApp, the importance of downloading the latest version of the old original version is emphasized, and it is also confirmed that the version will be updated on a regular and periodic basis to ensure continued improvement of performance and the addition of more features.

It is important to mention that after installing the WhatsApp Golden Penguin download on Android devices, you will feel comfortable and luxurious thanks to the wonderful features and additions that the application carries. These features guarantee you a unique and greatly improved experience compared to alternative versions.

Download Blue Penguin WhatsApp 2024 BTWhatsApp

A professional version of the famous communication program WhatsApp Blue Penguin uptodown for the Android system

The Blue Penguin Uptodown WhatsApp program is almost considered among the most famous applications in the world of communication, as users install it mainly on their phones. Without a doubt, WhatsApp Penguin has always been considered one of the essential applications that everyone relies on to exchange messages and conversations.

Users can download the modified version of WhatsApp Blue Penguin uptodown , also known as WhatsApp Blue Penguin apk, on a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and others.

This professional version of WhatsApp represents an interesting addition for users who want to try additional features and customizations that make their communication experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some features that may be available in these modified versions:

User Interface Customization: Allows users to change the appearance of the user interface, including design colors, backgrounds, and font size, giving them greater freedom to customize their experience.

Advanced Privacy Features: Provides privacy settings options that may be more advanced than the official version, such as hiding visibility status and disabling reading reports.

Ability to upload large files: Providing the ability to send larger files with a file size exceeding the standard limit in the original version.

Providing advanced settings options: WhatsApp Blue Penguin provides access to advanced settings options that may not be available in the official version, allowing users to better customize their experience.

Compatibility with other features: It may allow users to use additional features not available in the original version, enhancing the user experience.

Users should be aware that  using modified versions of WhatsApp could cause loss of warranty or encounter security problems, so it is always preferable to download applications from official sources and verify their reputation.

Blue Penguin WhatsApp latest version 2024 hide appearance

According to WhatsApp Blue Penguin , the new version indicates that BTWhatsApp was professionally designed and built to contain all the features available in the original version of WhatsApp, in addition to unique additional features. The Blue Penguin WhatsApp application is installed alongside the original version and other modified versions of WhatsApp, enabling users to register new or additional phone numbers.

This application is effective for all individuals, especially for people who have multiple numbers and want to manage all their WhatsApp accounts from one phone. Installing and using BTWhatsApp makes it easy to navigate between different numbers, allowing users to stay in touch with all their contacts easily and effectively.

Among the prominent features of Blue Penguin WhatsApp:

Simultaneous Number Pinning: Allows users to add new phone numbers and install multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, without the need for additional phone hardware.

Customize Settings: Gives users the ability to customize app settings according to their personal preferences, including themes, colors, and fonts.

Security and stability: Blue Penguin WhatsApp BTWhatsApp confirms a high level of security and stability, which makes the user experience free of problems and disturbances.

Efficient conversation management: Provides an easy-to-use user interface and effective conversation management capabilities, allowing users to quickly access their messages.

In conclusion, Blue Penguin WhatsApp is an ideal solution for individuals who need BTWhatsApp to manage multiple phone numbers on WhatsApp easily and effectively, which adds additional value to the experience of using the application.

What's new in downloading Blue Penguin WhatsApp BTWhatsApp.

What's new in the exclusive edition?

The latest exclusive version of the app offers great updates that make the user experience more enjoyable and convenient. Here are the most prominent new features you will find in this version:

Disable display of photos and videos for once:

You can now disable viewing of media content only once, which means you benefit from being able to view any media file unlimitedly multiple times instead of just once.
Add a button to download photos and videos that appear at once:

A special button has been added that enables you to upload photos and videos that are shown to you once, allowing you to easily keep them for later.
Fix sending more than 30 photos/videos from gallery:

The problem of sending a large number of photos or videos from the gallery has been solved, as you can now send them without problems.
Fix package problems and facilitate the update process:

Package issues have been fixed, making the update installation process easier and hassle-free.
Other fixes and improvements:

Other fixes and improvements have been introduced to ensure smooth and stable performance of the app.
More other additions:

Discover more new features and additions for yourself, as more improvements and modifications are included to make your user experience more diverse and effective.
In short, this exclusive version of the application is a step forward towards providing a unique and improved experience to users, with a set of new features and improvements that meet your daily aspirations and needs.

WhatsApp Pink Penguin 2024 version 20 against the ban BT2WhatsApp Download WhatsApp Penguin Download WhatsApp Pink

All copies of Lotus Pink Penguin: Discover uniqueness and excellence in instant communication!

If you are looking for a distinctive experience in instant messaging and chatting,  WhatsApp BT2, here is the opportunity to get to know Pink Penguin WhatsApp, one of the leading modified versions of WhatsApp. This new update offers you unique features and new additions that make your using experience more exciting and comfortable. In this article, we will explain and highlight the latest update of the Pink Penguin WhatsApp application, which comes in an attractive pink color.

Pink Penguin WhatsApp - latest version:

In this new version, you will discover wonderful updates that enhance your experience in using the download application, #WhatsApp Golden Penguin, latest version, among the distinctive features:

Easy and direct download:

It provides a direct download link via MediaFire, which makes the updating process easy and efficient.
Attractive pink interface:

Enjoy a unique user experience thanks to the new beautiful pink interface, which adds an attractive touch to the appearance of the application.
Advanced control options:

Improvements to control options and settings, giving you more control over your experience.
Unique additions and features:

New and unique features have been added to make your interaction with the application more diverse and effective.
Stability and safety:

Performance and security improvements make Pink Penguin WhatsApp a stable and secure version for your daily use.
How to update:

If you are interested in enjoying the Pink Penguin WhatsApp update , you can easily download it via the direct link available on Media Fire. Follow the instructions and enjoy a unique and distinctive experience in the world of instant messaging.

We are happy to present to you this exciting and unique update of Pink Penguin WhatsApp. Discover many advantages and features that will make your communication experience brighter and more comfortable. Download and enjoy a new and distinctive experience with the latest Pink Penguin WhatsApp!

How to change the icon color in the new pink penguin WhatsApp

To start using the Pink Penguin WhatsApp download , you must follow the following steps:

Download and update the application:

Click on the download link below this topic to download and install the latest version of Pink Penguin WhatsApp on your Android phone.
Open the application:

Once the download is completed, open Pink Penguin WhatsApp on your Android phone.
Go to settings:

Go to the settings within the app to customize it according to your preferences.
Change themes:

Find a tab under the name “Themes” within Settings.
Download favorite color:

Click on Themes and select the color you would like to use to change the theme of Pink Penguin WhatsApp .
Color fixation:

Select the file you want and click "Apply" to install the chosen color.
Enjoy the update:

Using these steps, you will now have a pink penguin WhatsApp theme customized according to your preferences. You can explore different colors and experience a unique and distinctive look for Pink Penguin WhatsApp.
Follow these steps carefully to experience a unique and distinctive design for the Pink Penguin WhatsApp application on your Android phone

Download Red Penguin WhatsApp 2024, latest version BT2WhatsApp Download Red Penguin WhatsApp

This new version of the original WhatsApp in WhatsApp Red Penguin enhances the application environment and adds new symbols that you can benefit from. This version shares with WhatsApp Red Penguin in offering a set of features that exceed users' expectations. You can now download the available version of Red Penguin WhatsApp from our website and install it on your mobile phone.

The features of this version are advanced and innovative, providing users with a unique experience. You can enjoy the benefits of new icons that add an aesthetic touch to interaction in conversations. Thanks to Red Penguin WhatsApp, you can now benefit from additional features that make the user experience more enjoyable.

Note that installing this version is easy and quick. Start by downloading the available version from our website, then install it on your mobile phone. After installation, you will discover how WhatsApp Red Penguin can improve your communication and instant messaging experience.

The most important features of the Red Penguin WhatsApp program 2024

By using Red Penguin WhatsApp, you can easily install four versions of the WhatsApp application without having to root. WhatsApp Red Penguin comes with the features and additions of WhatsApp Red Penguin without any problems. This version has additional features over the original version, making it ideal for those who want to use four WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

It is easy to install four versions of Red Penguins WhatsApp without having to root. You can take advantage of the Red Penguin WhatsApp features independently for each version. Providing this feature allows users to benefit from a different WhatsApp experience for each account, including features such as theme customization and user interface improvements.

For those looking for the ability to use more than one WhatsApp account easily and without complexity, Red Penguin WhatsApp is the ideal choice, as it provides flexibility and diversity in communication through this famous platform.

Download WhatsApp Red Penguin 2024

BT4WhatsApp Red Penguin Taha Al-Qudsi’s WhatsApp is a new and distinctive version of the original WhatsApp application, but in the Arabic language, with unique and attractive features. The new version of WhatsApp, known as BT4WhatsApp, carries advanced features and characteristics compared to previous versions, as it is characterized by the ability to play the Holy Qur’an with the voice of various reciters and play the call to prayer. In addition to providing all the main features of the WhatsApp application, BT4WhatsApp offers other unique features that we will review below.

BT4WhatsApp comes with an attractive design and a user-friendly interface, which makes the user experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Users can enjoy the feature of playing the Holy Quran in the voice of famous reciters, which adds a religious dimension to the user experience. The application also allows the call to prayer to be played at specified times, which contributes to enhancing the user’s religious awareness.

In addition to the religious features, BT4WhatsApp contains all the main features that users expect from a WhatsApp application. This includes the ability to easily send text messages, voice and video calls, and share files and media. BT4WhatsApp adds its unique touch to the WhatsApp user experience, making it more comprehensive and diverse.

Download Red Penguin WhatsApp developed by Taha Al-Qudsi

What's new in the latest version of WhatsApp Red Penguin?

In its latest version, Red Penguin WhatsApp offers many features and updates that enhance the user experience, and among these features are:

Prevent deletion of files and media:

An option has been added that allows the user to prevent deletion of sent files and media in the Red Penguin WhatsApp application, which helps keep a complete history of shared content.
View deleted items:

Deleted items can now be displayed in conversations with the time of deletion, allowing the user to better track changes in conversations.
Lock the application with your fingerprint or number:

The protection and security feature in Red Penguin WhatsApp has been improved, as the application can now be locked using a fingerprint or PIN code.
Hide contacts and encrypt numbers:

The application provides the ability to hide desired contacts via fingerprint, as well as encrypt numbers to maintain user privacy.
Put the image in the background of conversations, status and calls:

A new feature has been added that allows the user to place a background image in conversations, account status, and during calls, which enhances the customization and beautification of the application interface.
These updates contribute to enhancing the user experience and providing more options and control over the use of the Red Penguin WhatsApp application.

Other features of the Red Penguin WhatsApp application BT4WhatsApp

The ability to hide sent media:
Red Penguin WhatsApp in its latest version allows you to hide sent media from others, allowing the user to control his privacy and view the content in a more controlled way.

A new store with various themes: